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  1. K30 dually

    K30 dually

    Current plan for this guy is to fix it up to be reliable and road worthy. Future goals are a snow plow and a dump bed.
  2. SpeedlabDan

    A restoration curveball, never thought is have so much trouble finding...

    So I have a part number 14067520 for the oe gm lamp. Cannot find them or the chrome housing for the tailgate of a square dually etc. I have an OK set with chrome housings but they're smaller leaving the oe holes exposed. I'm not opposed to drilling smaller footprint holes but I'd of coyrse like...
  3. SpeedlabDan

    Wanted Oem 16" chrome Dually wheels

    So this is probably more of a long shot but my truck has three original chrome steel Dually wheels and one was used on the inner rear and the drum tore up the chrome. Therefore I'm looking for at least one in usable condition as mine are not pristine and this isn't for a show truck. Tricky part...
  4. Lnsean4

    Wanted Looking for a Duramax

    I am looking to purchase a duramax. Budget is around $30,000. I am looking for a truck with 50k or less miles. Preferably a crew cab dually. 4wd is a must. I would really prefer 2011 or newer but let me know what you have. I am located in downstate New York. Hopefully something within reasonable...
  5. Lnsean4

    Sold 1980 K30 Dually Crew Cab

    Selling my 1980 Chevrolet K30 Crew Cab. The truck has a 454 big block with a sm465 manual transmission. I bought the truck from Albuquerque, New Mexico. It has a clean title. I am a 22 year old full time student. Between school and my 75 k5 I just don't have the time or space for it. The truck...
  6. Ate one Molotov/resurrection 3+3, 8.1L /magnum/Allison

    Restomod Ate one Molotov/resurrection 3+3, 8.1L /magnum/Allison

    Since my K5 is spiraling out of control... I needs a tow pig! Super strait and solid (fist size rot hole in the driver rocker) 6"suspension lift and 3"body lift. Dana 60/70. L18 8.1L /Allison 1000 5SPD, MAGNUM planetary underdrive and np205. 38.5x11x16" super swamper boggers on factory/dealer...
  7. Lnsean4

    NY WANTED: 285/75/16 Tires

    I am looking for a set of size 285/75/16 tires for my dually. I need six of them if possible. I am located in downstate New York. I am willing to drive within New York State, the tri-state area, PA, or the New England area. If you have a set reasonably priced let me know. I don't mind if they...
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