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  1. RoccoK5

    Sold 12 Bolt Rear w/ Eaton Posi LSD 3.73

    Swapping rears on my 77 K5, and so the 12 bolt is up for sale. I completely went through this a couple of years ago and replaced the axle bearings and seals, and everything from the backing plates out (drums, wheel cylinders, etc.). No leaks, 3.73 gears, with an Eaton Posi limited slip...
  2. PWagon

    Eaton Posi Differential Install Questions...

    I've spent a lot of time researching lockers, limited slip, and the likes, and I've decided that the Eaton Posi best suites my needs (please don't chastise me for going with the Eaton Posi). I don't want to hear the click-click-click sound of a Detroit locker while turning corners, nor do I...
  3. Eaton 2

    Eaton 2

    Torn apart Eaton Rear
  4. Eaton 1

    Eaton 1

    Torn apart Eaton Rear
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