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  1. 454k5blazer

    '85 K5 w/ 454 Carbed, wanting to convert...

    Wanting to convert my fuel system and have been thinking about going to EFI. Is it more reliable? Is the gas mileage worth it? Is there any better options out there?
  2. brokenparts

    Which after market EFI?

    Lots of choices out there.... seems like a few folks from here have chosen FiTech along with the command center. After reading some info here and on other forums, it looks like people are have mixed results with the command center / FiTech. I'm curious which systems people are happy with...
  3. adamf085

    Will crank but won't turn over!

    Hi my name is Adam and I need some help or advice with a problem I'm having with my new 1990 Chevy K5 Blazer 350 TBI. The truck has 137,000 original miles. All the gauges seem to work and function just fine. I bought it recently and it ran great. No major issues. I drove it for a few days. And i...
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