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  1. K

    New Transmission & Fuel pump failure

    Picked my 89 Jimmy up yesterday after transmission rebuild. Made it about two miles and it quit on me. I had it towed home and started troubleshooting. Fuel pump isn’t turning on (pumps about 1.5 years old) so I did the following. -Replaced pump -Replaced fuel pump relay -Checked all fuses...
  2. B

    1989 blazer electrical plug question

    My son and I have been doing a rebuild on a 1989 full size Blazer. We took the dash apart 2 years ago (obviously didn't take enough pictures :) )and now putting things back together. We are replacing the instrument cluster with a Dakota Digital cluster. There are 2 wire plugs that we can't...
  3. my kids took the truck

    Windshield wiper motor not driving wipers

    I turn on my windshield wipers and they sort of go then stop halfway. I hear something clicking a bit. If I reach out and push on the wiper they will go again but then get stuck again. It seems like there is some sort of a clutch in the motor and it is slipping. Looking online I did not find...
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