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engine swap

  1. K

    89 Jimmy TBI swap to Carb Engine

    My 89 Jimmy has from what I can tell the stock TBI 350 that was in it when I got whole truck out of the junk yard. It has served me well for 4 years but it’s getting extremely weak. I want to do the following and appreciate any suggestions on a drop in motor that would work in the application...
  2. Blue85

    MI Wanted: 8.1L engine parts

    Will replace 6.0 in 2003 Suburban 2500. May end up purchasing a donor truck to have all the bits and pieces, but will also look for deals on engine by itself.
  3. SpeedlabDan

    Allison 1000 5spd in limp mode

    Ok guys it seems after this engine swap my Allison is in limp mode. Locked in 3rd with full line psi. As far as I can tell with my simple code reader the tcm is requesting illumination from the ecm. I'm still using the factory Allison tcm and harness removed by howell EFI and mated with the...
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