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  1. jkroberts

    Wanted Drivers fender and door

    Hey everyone. Looking for a drivers side fender and door. Non power. For an 86 K10. I'd like something semi straight, and relatively cheap. I uploaded a picture of the fender and door in trying to replace. If it's nicer than that, I want it. Don't care about color.
  2. Ty4047

    Replacement foam rubber between the doors and fenders

    I have the passenger side fender off to get some other work done, hopefully soon. The foam rubber piece (and no doubt the other one) looks really bad and deteriorated. Is there a reasonably priced replacement out there or something that can be made up?
  3. cut n paint

    cut n paint

    chopped the rear fenders bout' 5 inches, and the front fang up to the wheel well. while laying down some olive drab along the way.
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