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first gen blazer

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    Upholstery kit from LMC can be installed at home. I've done the passenger seat by myself. The back seat will require help. Did the bench seat in the Cheyenne with help and looks like new. Carpet kit will be easy enough. Take your time on the seats and have vinyl/ plastic paint for the trim and pane.
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    Next the Mechman 200 amp alternator with 4awg wire and fuses. Then the Griffin aluminum radiator with dual fans and wire harness. The 42 amp alternator can't keep up with the vintage air. Needed enough to run AC, KC's, headlights, and stereo system. The electric fans will free up some horsepower too
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    Highly recommend vintage air. Installed it in stages. Then took it to a friend to help with the under dash installation. Traded my complete factory heating system for labor. Used the dremmel to cut the air outlets in the dash. Found some outlets on eBay the same color. Looks factory.
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    Safari mode at the gun range. Access things easier and looks great.
  5. thumbnail (24)~2.jpeg

    thumbnail (24)~2.jpeg

    New softtopper. Very well made and designed. Lots cheaper than restoration of the hard top and replacing all the rubber seals. A bit noisy on the hiway. Added some roll bar padding between the top and frame to help.
  6. IMG_6978 (1).jpg

    IMG_6978 (1).jpg

    Great idea to have LED bed lights. Easy and inexpensive.
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    Back from machine shop. 30 over 350.
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    To the machine shop
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    thumbnail (18).jpeg

    Was not gonna miss out on snow in San Antonio. Dress warm with heater on full blast.
  10. thumbnail (7).jpeg

    thumbnail (7).jpeg

    Found spare tire carrier on eBay. Recommend factory size tire. Used a tire cover for a clean look.
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    Patch panel covers square hole and I put factory am radio in. Latter I cut center AC vent for vintage air. Dremell works excellent. New dash pad. Took the black one and put it in my 71 Cheyenne.
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    thumbnail (4).jpeg

    New KC's
  13. thumbnail (5).jpeg

    thumbnail (5).jpeg

    New KC daylighters. Vintage look.
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    New Hickey enterprises push bar. Rattle can paint to match
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    New cowl hood, grill surround, and chrome grill. Passenger side in induction cowl while driver is cowl induction. Lol
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    Finally removed the hard top.
  17. thumbnail (6).jpeg

    thumbnail (6).jpeg

    Fresh needle paint and Corvette wood grain wheel
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    Ice blue LED upgrade
  19. IMG_5190.jpg


    Long bed converted to trailer
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    Now in San Antonio hot wheels emlems to cover truck mirror hole in doors
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