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first gen k5

  1. SpeedlabDan

    Front axle location on a first gen

    OK so upon cleaning the k5 after wheeling I realized the front driver wheel had kissed the fender pretty hard rearward. Of course with 35"s and 6" lift I'm pushing it but I was not flexing when thud happened. I've moved the rear axle back 1.5" to fix the rear but the front is factory location on...
  2. 1971 K5 Blazer (paint, hardtop, and .....)

    1971 K5 Blazer (paint, hardtop, and .....)

    Just picked up my '71 recently. Always wanted a 1st Gen Blazer! It's in good shape mechanically and a lot of the rust was removed. Lucked out and have access to a shop to work on it and keep it parked inside. Not looking to build a show car, but I want it to look good and be reliable. I plan to...
  3. Jetfire

    1971 K5 Blazer (paint, hardtop, and .....)

    Jetfire submitted a new Build: 1971 K5 Blazer (paint, hardtop, and .....) Read more about this build here...
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