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floor support

  1. btblazer

    sub frame cab support.

    Hi, everyone. I am in the process of restoring a 1979 blazer, 4x4. I was looking thru the LMC catalog for floor repair parts and noticed a "sub frame cab support' part number with description Part No. 38-7976 SUBFRAME-CAB SUPPORT-LEFT HAND BLZ JIM 73-91 Where does this go??. I didn't...
  2. New bed floor & body mounts

    New bed floor & body mounts

  3. seancregin

    89 Blazer Floors/Rockers/Floor Supports Help!

    I'm sure a lot have asked these questions before and I have searched around for a while before asking. I'm in the process of removing and replacing rockers, floors and floor supports but the truck was rusted out so badly and previously hacked up by a body shop I don't have much to go off of. I...
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