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  1. ArizonaK5

    Wanted 1976 R full quarter panel

    Searching for a 1976 K5 full right side quarter panel. Scott in Goodyear Az.
  2. Alan2smiley

    Found K5 Tailgate Springs

    I'm looking for a set of tailgate springs for a 84 K5.
  3. T

    Wanted GM Corp-14 Bolt Hub

    My son's 14-bolt is a 1977 SRW Chevrolet unit but the hub has two stud holes stripped out. Anyone have a good hub for sale?
  4. btblazer

    Wanted Tailgate Torque rods

    Looking for the torque rods for the tailgate. Have a brand new tailgate to install, but the torque rods on the old blazer are almost rusted thru.
  5. A

    Wanted Need steering arm 86 K5 stock (no lift)

    Just Found and joined the Forum. Have a problem in locating a part for my 86 K5 4X4 Gas. Someone in the past put a "pitman" or steering arm on the drivers side for a lift. However, nothing else is for a lift kit. I need a stock "Flat" steering arm, 3 bolts no lift. Thought it would be easy...
  6. P

    Wanted Desperate for '83 K5 SilveradoTailgate

    Some woman on her phone couldn't see my white elephant from Houston at the stop sign and smashed my perfect gate, hate to have to fix it but do-able, I'd rather replace it. Most of them have turned to dirt up here in the rust belt, shipping costs no problem at this point, northeast PA. Most...
  7. S

    Wanted Torque Rods for 89' K5

    FOUND I'm looking for torque rods that assist lifting the tailgate. This is for a 1989 Blazer K5. Both of mine are broken. My kids can't keep the tailgate from coming down too hard. I don't wanna break my back window. Not to mention that my electric Windows works and I want to keep it that...
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