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    Missouri Offroad Outfitters rear shock inboarding crossmember
  2. P

    Found Deleted

  3. O

    Frame swap w/ 96 3/4 ton

    So here's what I got going on. Got a 91 K5,(pops ordered from factory) been sitting in the pasture for going on over 10 years. Transfercase busted. engine worn out, front end worn out. Throughout the years I've had the dreams of getting this thing going again not for a daily, but trail rig. 2...
  4. Reel.Adventure

    Frame Game

    Hey Everyone, It is just about time to start the build of my 87 K5 Blazer. On the list of things accomplish is a motor swap, complete suspension rebuild, new axles, gearing, manual trans conversion, roll cage, and a healthy amount of body work. For most of these topics I have been able to find...
  5. TanMan

    OH 1987 K5 Blazer Frame - Rust Free

    Selling a rust free frame for a late 80's to 91 full size K5 Blazer / Jimmy bought from Georgia. It was sandblasted and coated with POR primer and black topcoat. Price is $800 or best offer. This was part of a project that I no longer have time or room for. I have tons of other parts for the...
  6. 78BowTie

    Gone Scrapped 2006 silverado

    Scrapped 06 silverado MISSING: Motor Radiator Transmissin Wire harness CPU Fuel tank Fuel lines Wheels/Tires Tailgate Front seats Rear lights And other random small parts. Free just come and haul it. It was not in a wreck, I got the truck cheap and running. I just wanted the motor and harness.
  7. Frame with front axle installed

    Frame with front axle installed

    Here is my frame with axles and suspension installed showing the front axle.
  8. Frame with axles installed

    Frame with axles installed

    Here is my frame with the axles and suspension installed.
  9. Beautiful Black Frame

    Beautiful Black Frame

    Here is the frame after I blasted it and painted it with POR-15!
  10. Getting it in the new Frame twister

    Getting it in the new Frame twister

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