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  1. PigIronK5

    Found 10-bolt Front Caliper Mounting Brackets 8-Lug

    Looking for a pair of 3/4 ton 8-lug 10-bolt front caliper mounting brackets / backing plates. Anyone have a pair sitting in a corner that need a new home. I am converting my 6-lug 10-bolt, I already have the hubs, just need the caliper mounts.
  2. funny front

    funny front

    A few photos of my truck. paint is cheap, and I know its mine!!
  3. sittin in the driveway

    sittin in the driveway

    custom front bumpers hold enough air to pump two tires
  4. my baby!

    my baby!

  5. fromt of truck

    fromt of truck

  6. Nice Pose

    Nice Pose

    Another wheelin' pose for the camera
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