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fuel pump

  1. K

    New Transmission & Fuel pump failure

    Picked my 89 Jimmy up yesterday after transmission rebuild. Made it about two miles and it quit on me. I had it towed home and started troubleshooting. Fuel pump isn’t turning on (pumps about 1.5 years old) so I did the following. -Replaced pump -Replaced fuel pump relay -Checked all fuses...
  2. mteich21

    Dies on idle - help needed

    '86 K5, 5.7L 350 (all stock, no mods. This is my first ever build, so I'm learning slowly as I go) Was driving on the freeway, and it died going 65+. Changed the fuel pump, filter, and line, thinking that was the issue. Now it runs great when foot is on the gas, but dies on idle. When I...

    CO Edelbrock Part # 1721 Performer RPM Series fuel pump

    Edelbrock Part # 1721 Performer RPM Series fuel pump is for Small-Block and “W Series” Chevrolet designed for use with all Edelbrock carburetors used in Performer or Performer RPM applications. These high-performance Street Fuel Pumps feature a high quality three stage polished finish. The...
  4. BlaZeus

    not getting fuel

    Hey y'all, put my fuel cell back in, hooked up the fuel lines, and then saw my fuel filter was pretty dirty so I took it out and cleaned it and put it back in. After doing all this, I am not getting any fuel to my carb, or my fuel filter. I took out the fuel filter again and saw the "in" end had...
  5. rebelgregory

    Stupid Ethanol

    Well, I was driving Buelah a couple weekends ago and she was running fine. Then on the way home, it just lost power, started surging, backfiring, etc. It was a step change. I get home and hook up my pressure gauge to see 5psi of fuel pressure, then I went and tightened the adjustable pressure...
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