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  1. BlaZeus

    not getting fuel

    Hey y'all, put my fuel cell back in, hooked up the fuel lines, and then saw my fuel filter was pretty dirty so I took it out and cleaned it and put it back in. After doing all this, I am not getting any fuel to my carb, or my fuel filter. I took out the fuel filter again and saw the "in" end had...
  2. adamf085

    Will crank but won't turn over!

    Hi my name is Adam and I need some help or advice with a problem I'm having with my new 1990 Chevy K5 Blazer 350 TBI. The truck has 137,000 original miles. All the gauges seem to work and function just fine. I bought it recently and it ran great. No major issues. I drove it for a few days. And i...
  3. 71ramjet


    jazz 32 gal fuel cell
  4. 71ramjet


    jazz 32 gal fuel cell
  5. diesel primer ball

    diesel primer ball

    i put this together to prime my 6.2, it stays on the truck all the time, so if i ever run out again, i just squeeze away until the ball gets hard and it fires right up.
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