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  1. nmxhustla

    MK 5 (Gen V) 454 big block SOLVED! THANKS FOR THE HELP

    so my buddies been working on swapping a mkV big block into a 91 suburban. He did the whole painless wiring harness and its all basically ready to go except the injectors on cylinders 1 and 8 aren't pulsing. He replaced them and still no pulse. The good injectors are getting 12v with the key on...
  2. 1991 GMC Sub, Name TBD

    1991 GMC Sub, Name TBD

    After my original build of a suburban was destroyed by a drunk driver a few months ago, I went and bought another suburban to carry on the legacy. The previous 'Burb had an '01 5.3/4l60/241 combo, this time around I'm gearing up for a Gen V L83 swap! The 5.3 L83 was sourced from a wrecking/pull...
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