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  1. my kids took the truck

    rear glass replacement: checking replacement supplier

    back glass is out, need new glass--mobile glass shops were not any help has anyone used this supplier and can give feedback--I've used a lot of these OEM replacement type suppliers but not this one: classic industries...
  2. my kids took the truck

    Wanted K5 rear glass, no tint, '74

    after calling a few glass shops I realized they are serious and have no idea what to do with a '74, particularly the rear tailgate glass shipping wont' be fun--San Jose, CA
  3. SuperCAN

    TX Tailgate glass and power regulator for sale

    As I went to a full convertible conversion on my 85, I am 100% soft top! Have my tailgate glass as well as the power window regulator for sale. Glass is in good condition - can definitely see some light scratching in places. There is one spot ~3 inches x 3 inches that is clearly scratched -...
  4. D

    removable top replacement glass - looking for parts

    Does anyone know if you can order replacement glass for the removable top on a 1989 GMC Jimmy. I have the vented window style and it's the forward glass, just behind the vent, on the passenger side that is broken. It does not appear to be available on LMC. I have not checked local glass shops yet.
  5. 84squarebody

    Rear window tailgate motor

    does anyone make an upgraded or more powerful motor for the rear window of my 84 Jimmy?
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