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  1. anwat

    CA BBC serpentine brackets

    I have a set of OEM stamped steel serpentine brackets that came from my 1996 gen VI 454. These are from a non-vortec crate motor. I have no idea what they may cross reference to, take a look at the photos and if it looks like they will work for you, I will take measurements or photos and we...
  2. C

    IL 1967-1979 GM 350 5.7 4 bolt main

    1967-1979 GM 350 5.7 4 bolt main engine I still have it in a 1969 GMC C20. It has a 70’s style intake with a 2 barrel intake “EGR intake”. It comes with everything attached to the engine. It is in great shape doesn’t smoke or make any noise. I still have it in the truck so the person buying can...
  3. Eric M.

    Wanted Front seatbelts for 85 GM full size

    I need driver and passenger side, shoulder, lap, retractor parts parts, the whole works. I think there is a wide range of years that will work for this, just as long as it's a Third Gen. full size. The only thing I have ever noticed is that the buckles change and may not be compatible with all...
  4. ZooMad75

    Sold 1975 GM Hood for sale

    Got the last and probably best piece of sheet metal off of my 75 up for sale now. Key points here, the hood has never been buckled. Being a 75 hood it lacks the "character line" found on the 79-80 hoods and some of the reproductions. It's the only part on the old truck that wasn't rusty...
  5. playin in cove

    playin in cove

    97 gm 60/14blt 4l80e205 39.5 boggers
  6. playin in cove

    playin in cove

    97 gm 60/14blt 4l80e205 39.5 boggers
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