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  1. MPLSBlazer

    Dash light/headlight switch issue

    I'm in the process of cleaning up cab wiring on my '84 jimmy (previous owner hacked it up fairly extensively) and I've hit a problem that I don't understand - hopefully some folks with more experience can help! The Problem: My dash lights don't come on when the headlights are on (or any other...
  2. grevels


    What is everyone running for some upgraded headlights? I love the brightness of the HID's I am running on my Avalanche. I do not like the looks of any of the aftermarket replacement lights. Is there anything that looks stock in appearance? Thanks, Greg
  3. adamf085

    Hi beam light won't work

    First off, sorry if this isn't the correct place to post this thread. If it isn't then I can post in something different. But anyways, I have a 1990 K5 Blazer which I just bought. I was driving home and was using my HI beam light. It was working. The lights worked. They turned on and off just...
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