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  1. T

    I'm working on my blazer's form and was wondering anyone's opinion on 33" or 35" tires for a 4" lift. (im new)

    I'm working on my blazer's form and was wondering anyone's opinion on 33" or 35" tires for a 4" lift. I will be also looking into ring and pinions and new suspension based on my decision. Any thoughts?
  2. 1974Convertible

    Wanted SM465 to NP203 Got to have!!

    I am restoring a 1974 GMC Jimmy with the SM465 to np203 combo. I have just realized that the 10 spline output (male) of the 465 and the 10 spline input (female) of the 203 are almost destroyed. I can find plenty of 465 mainshafts, but absolutely zero np203 10 spline input shafts! I have read...
  3. natemc


    Square Bodies Anonymous!!! Hi, my name is Nate. I have a problem So, this just happened
  4. D

    New Restoration Project & New CK5 Member

    Hi truckers...... New member here, just beginning my first restoration project. I picked up a 1989 GMC Jimmy the other day that is generally very clean and in good shape with the exception of a few things. That's where you all come in.... I have a few questions: 1. Someone before me really...
  5. R

    Missing Bolts?!

    My 1973 K5 is missing a ton of hardware, especially in the front clip (grille, headlights, ect). Really needing some diagram or list so I can replace the missing or broken hardware.
  6. SuperCAN

    steering wheel upper shaft play (not the tilt issue) Help Please

    Thanks in advance to anyone with ideas here... Truck: 1985 k5 Issue: Steering shaft (the short shaft on the steering wheel side of the plastic ball joint) shakes/has excessive play. Background: I took apart the steering column to tighten the torx bolts for the tilt steering mechanism...
  7. Joe91M

    4l80E to 700r4 help (99 burb)

    I have a 99 k2500 suburban with a 454/4l80e/246c. I am sick of replacing the transfer case. It's a crappy job on a good day with where I'm working. I happen to have a built 700r4 with a ford pattern (driver side drop) 205. Mechanically, I have no issues with the swap. It's a daily driver and my...
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