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  1. SpeedlabDan

    Clean source for 12v switched, constant and start signal

    There's probably a thread of course I can't find. I'm using a Howell efi vortec harness, if you're familiar you know they have a fuse block requiring 12v ignition switched, 12v constant and a connection inside the truck for the purple starter signal wire. I'm trying to figure out a clean...
  2. Thomas Fournier

    Ping ping ping ping WTH am I doing wrong!

    Ok I have a 350 SBC, bored 20 over eagle rods and balanced, 68cc performance iron heads w/ ARP studs edelbrock intake, crower beast cam full roller comp iron rockers, Sean Murphy quadrajet, Chevy H.E.I. w/ Accel coil and module w/ msd cap and rotor w/a recurve kit for 32 degree advance at...
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