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  1. rileymurph41

    Wanted 1980 seats in an 86 also k5 vs k10

    Will 1980 blazer seats fit into an 86 without bracket modification? also what’s the deal with k5/k10. My blazers title says k10 blazer on it. Thanks everyone.
  2. AZK5

    Wanted carpet trim between front and rear carpet 73-75 K5

    I'm looking for the carpet trim that goes between the front and rear carpet on a 73-75 K5 Blazer/Jimmy
  3. Wes Harden

    77 burb out with the bench in with buckets

    So a long while back I snagged a lot of 84 burb interior parts(blue if someone needs something). I put saddle covers on the bucket seats and am installing now. The 2 out board bracket holes line up nicely, the rear inboard sits about right on top of padding and carpet. The front inboard is the...
  4. cybrfire

    Lower door panels have arrived!

    After a lot of work and designing, our Lower Door Panels are finally available! They have a lot of options including things like a door pocket, speaker cut outs, and more. These are call to order so that we can customize them to the options you want. These are designed to fit perfectly with...
  5. K

    87 passenger seat bracket replacement

    Any help / direction is appreciated. Just bought an 87 Blazer so not only new to this forum, I am new to the whole K5 experience. The passenger seat is missing the rear bracket that holds the seat down. I intended on replacing all seats and belts so I didn't really pay particular attention to...
  6. Clean, Nice interior

    Clean, Nice interior

    A few photos of my truck. paint is cheap, and I know its mine!!
  7. k5_2


    pics of my 74 K5
  8. k5_2


    pics of my 74 K5
  9. k5_2


    pics of my 74 K5
  10. k5_2


    pics of my 74 K5
  11. k5_2


    pics of my 74 K5
  12. Interior removed

    Interior removed

    Took out all the seats and carpet, hundreds of ants were living under that nasty carpet.
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