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journey needs to die

  1. Bent77

    Dear Ck5 members

    @everybody Stop trying to die Damit
  2. Bent77

    The King of the Trolls

    Apparently there must be a competition 1) I’m retiring 2) Step up n00bs, its your time to shine @Bowtie85 @campfire @tenderfoot @acm @beags86 @F.S.F.W @6872xtc @SpeedlabDan
  3. Bent77

    Whats on your Fries?

    What goes on those fries?
  4. Bent77

    Your funeral

    @skunked and I had an interesting conversation awhile back. I want to be cremated and chucked off a ridge in Moab into the Colorado river. how would you want your funeral to go?
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