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journey still sucks

  1. 6872xtc

    Colorado emissions changes?

    First off, I don't know if this should be in the garage, secondly, I DO NOT want this to be a discussion about politics, nor the governor of Colorado. I will try to keep my opinion to myself. I heard someone say that they had a decent source telling them that Colorado is adopting...
  2. Bent77

    RIP Dick Dale

    The Godfather of Surf, one of the first guitar shredders has passed
  3. Bent77

    The King of the Trolls

    Apparently there must be a competition 1) I’m retiring 2) Step up n00bs, its your time to shine @Bowtie85 @campfire @tenderfoot @acm @beags86 @F.S.F.W @6872xtc @SpeedlabDan
  4. Bent77

    Whats on your Fries?

    What goes on those fries?
  5. Bent77

    Ck5 joy ride

    If you could take another members truck for a day, whose would it be and where would you go? Since this is all theoretical, truck doesn’t have to be currently in service (aka builds that take 10 years @NorCal69 @Greg72 ) Have fun with it!
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