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  1. 86 suburban

    86 suburban

    I have owned this suburban for the last 5 years or so. I bought it sitting for roughly 10 years with a 350 sm465 and 3.42 gears. I will try and recap everything I’ve done to it so far. I found it surfing Craigslist for $1100, and I had been looking for a 4 speed for quite awhile. I decided to...
  2. brandon85465

    Rusty 84 k20

    I’m hoping to make this truck as capable as possible with out dumping a ton of money into it.
  3. 72  GMC 2500

    72 GMC 2500

    I picked up this 72 GMC 2500 with a blown engine a couple of weeks ago. The plan is to convert it to 4x4 using tinworks fab spring brackets. I plan to stick a used 350 or 400 sbc in it and run a 400 trans and 208 t case.
  4. P

    WA SOLD Dana 60 and 14 Bolt with ORD Cross Over Steering etc.

    Hi there, I have since sold my 72' and will no longer need the axles or parts. It's a Dodge Dana 60 with 4.10 gears. The rear is a 73 14 bolt with 4.10's I have the ORD crossover steering and the ORD shackles to make it bolt in to a 67-72 as well as the steering box brace dana 60 u bolts/ studs...
  5. Thomas Fournier

    Transmission dilemma 4l80e / th400

    Hello all, I have pretty much decided to go with a 4L80E swap in my 1977 K20 pickup. It has a sbc 350, np241 and 4.56 gears. Unless there is some new information as to why i need to scream down the freeway at 2900 gonna go with a 4L80. I know the th400 is a badass trans but mine is...
  6. Thomas Fournier

    Front bumper designs wanted

    Looking to see what you guys have built for front bumpers. Any good ideas? I wanted to run a winch and hope to keep it square tubing, however, I might just have to go with a nice round tube design. I’m running a 77 Chevy pickup on 37s and a b52 kit up front. I would love to see some designs of...
  7. Grey truck

    Grey truck

    NEW MEATS Toyo M/T 37x12.50r17 Method Mesh Wheels
  8. Grey Truck Build

    Grey Truck Build

    My dad traded in his other truck (1970 1/2 ton short box) for this one in 1999 to be his daily driver/work truck (I was about 6 years old). The short box was too small and he needed something more reliable back then. It was bone stock with the factory 6.6L 400 / TH350 and NP203. My dad later...
  9. 85GMCJD my boys 85K20 front winch bumper

    85GMCJD my boys 85K20 front winch bumper

    this is my boys truck. He has a youtube video of the build:
  10. Mountain Man's K5 Extended Cab Flatbed Project

    Mountain Man's K5 Extended Cab Flatbed Project

    I recently acquired a 1975 K5 Blazer from a guy in town for $800. I did this because I know inevitably my current 4x4/Winter rig is going to have a catastrophic failure at the worst possible moment and that can kill you up here in North Idaho. It gets pretty cold up here and we currently have...
  11. 79cheyenneand84impala


  12. zewmmm


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