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k30 v30 1-ton

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    1982 k30 454 to 6.2 ?

    Hi. I have a 1982 k30 crew cab 4x4 with np205 and was originally a 6.2. I have a wrecked m1008 that is in pretty good shape with 60000 original miles. I am wanting to put the 6.2 back into the k30. What do I need to change? I know torque converter but are radiators different? Sending unit? I...
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    Wanted 1985-1987 Chevy k30 or V30

    I'm looking for a rust free or nearly rust free 1985-1987 Chevy 1-ton single rear wheel, single cab truck with a gas engine and automatic transmission. AC and any power options are a bonus. I need an actual 1-ton and would like to find a complete truck, running or not. I had one 20 years ago...
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