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    WA SOLD Dana 60 and 14 Bolt with ORD Cross Over Steering etc.

    Hi there, I have since sold my 72' and will no longer need the axles or parts. It's a Dodge Dana 60 with 4.10 gears. The rear is a 73 14 bolt with 4.10's I have the ORD crossover steering and the ORD shackles to make it bolt in to a 67-72 as well as the steering box brace dana 60 u bolts/ studs...
  2. K30 dually

    K30 dually

    Current plan for this guy is to fix it up to be reliable and road worthy. Future goals are a snow plow and a dump bed.

    Sold 1983 K 30 496 BB/TH 400/NP205 $6500OBO (Dana 44 front)

    $6500 Or best offer!!! THIS HAS A DANA 44 FRONT AXLE 496 cubic big block/TH 400/NP205 Dana 44/14bolt Truck is still titled as a diesel but has a gas motor. Emissions may be a issue depending on where you live. Clear Colorado title in hand This is a 1983 GMC K30 4x4 single cab long bed...
  4. '86 K30 - the Resurrection

    '86 K30 - the Resurrection

    I wanted this truck to build an off-road rig but after seeing how much was available to restore these old things I kinda want to bring it back to it's 80s glory. Especially after finding the wealth of info around here, I feel like I might be able to handle most of this resto myself. After...
  5. 1990 K5 Blazer Project "Side-Chick"

    1990 K5 Blazer Project "Side-Chick"

    I figured it was time to actually post up a build thread so everyone can point and laugh at the NOOB. I picked up my donor truck about a year ago. She was not a cherry survivor, nor was she a pile of rust. It ran, I could dive it, and there really wasn't much rust or damage to deal with. All in...
  6. 1986 K30 - Rapid Learning

    1986 K30 - Rapid Learning

    LAST UPDATED: 11/10/22 Well, nearly all of the background information behind my acquisition of this truck can be found in this thread: Big thanks to @Bowtiek10 for posting the truck. I wouldn't have it if it weren't for him. Big...
  7. Lnsean4

    Sold 1980 K30 Dually Crew Cab

    Selling my 1980 Chevrolet K30 Crew Cab. The truck has a 454 big block with a sm465 manual transmission. I bought the truck from Albuquerque, New Mexico. It has a clean title. I am a 22 year old full time student. Between school and my 75 k5 I just don't have the time or space for it. The truck...
  8. SpeedlabDan

    Ate one Molotov/resurrection 3+3, 8.1L /magnum/Allison

    SpeedlabDan submitted a new Build: My new tow pig 3+3 Read more about this build here...
  9. Ate one Molotov/resurrection 3+3, 8.1L /magnum/Allison

    Restomod Ate one Molotov/resurrection 3+3, 8.1L /magnum/Allison

    Since my K5 is spiraling out of control... I needs a tow pig! Super strait and solid (fist size rot hole in the driver rocker) 6"suspension lift and 3"body lift. Dana 60/70. L18 8.1L /Allison 1000 5SPD, MAGNUM planetary underdrive and np205. 38.5x11x16" super swamper boggers on factory/dealer...
  10. K30 4" lift, 35" BFG's

    K30 4" lift, 35" BFG's

  11. 4" lift on 35" BFG AT's

    4" lift on 35" BFG AT's

  12. Stock K30

    Stock K30

  13. Stock K30

    Stock K30

  14. Stock Trim K30

    Stock Trim K30

  15. 350 SBC

    350 SBC

  16. Rear Seat

    Rear Seat

  17. Front Seat

    Front Seat

  18. Plain Jane Interior

    Plain Jane Interior

    Manual everything, no AC, no headliner, vinyl floormat
  19. Rockers


    My Rockers are beat, custom sliders on the list to fix this
  20. Passenger side rear 3/4 view

    Passenger side rear 3/4 view

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