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  1. 3x6" tube bumper

    3x6" tube bumper

  2. rear 3/4 view

    rear 3/4 view

    Custom bumper, mismatched GMC tailgate
  3. Bedside


    A wee bit hammered
  4. K30


  5. D60


    ORD crossover steering
  6. Custom Deluxe K30

    Custom Deluxe K30

    My work in progress '86 K30, 4" lift, 37" Goodyear MTR's
  7. C

    Sold M1008 CUCV, $5000.

    Custom m1008 cucv, Rare and hard to find with NO rust. I have more invested in upgrades than i am asking for the whole truck and also have more parts that can come with the truck like ORD SBC engine cross member and competition motor mounts. Current mods installed on the truck below. ORD Shackle...
  8. Yudlose

    NM M1010 CUCV This makes for a great expedition vehicle! Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico I bought this as an off road camper and have slowly built it up to go places no ordinary camper would go. I have more invested than the $12,900 asking price! It...
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