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  1. K

    ID SOLD.... (feel free to delete) 1984 one-owner Blazer K5 Silverado. rare combo of V8, factory 4-speed, factory air, power doors/windows. $6,600

    I'm selling my mom's "baby" which is now at a crucial time in it's life. This unique gem has been sitting outside since 2010 and needs some new love. Every year I charge the battery, put new gas in, and drive it 5-10 miles. It runs and drives well, but probably could use a tune-up! I am...

    Wanted 90 K5 fuel pump/sending unit

    I need the fuel sending unit. On a ‘90 it includes the fuel pump.. I’ve had no luck finding a brand new one. If anyone has a used one. or link to a web site I can find what I need that would be much appreciated! 12-16 psi!
  3. 1984 M1009 "The Beast"

    1984 M1009 "The Beast"

    This is my 1984 M1009 project that my coworkers have nicknamed "The Beast". I've been working on this truck for almost a year and am just getting into some of the more major upgrades and repairs now, so figured it would be a good time to start a thread to document my progress. The truck had...
  4. vaporlock

    '82 K5 Blazer aka Death Trap Dixie

    Hi, I'm new to the forum but have been lurking for a little while. I've been wanting a Squarebody for nearly a decade and recently bought my K5 Blazer. I have a few things I'd like to do to it so I wanted to make a thread for it. I live in Sweden and Squarebodies are not super common here and...
  5. T

    TX 1989 K5 Jimmy for sale - Price Reduced

    Have decided it is time for my 1989 GMC K5 Jimmy to find a new home. It is mechanically stock with original engine (good leak down numbers), rebuilt transmission, cold AC etc but no lift or axle swap. Body work completed 3 years ago with very little rust repair required. Interior mostly...
  6. scouthead

    1988 K5 the "Big Blue" compromise

    Think I got a build thread going finally- this one might be redundant now
  7. P

    Found Deleted

  8. Z

    Upgrading 1977 K5 Wiper System

    I just bought a 77 k5. It has a one speed wiper switch on the dash with no washer. It has a floppy blinker lever that doesn't engage turn signals. I want to upgrade all this. I'm wondering if there's a way, while retaining the stock steering column, that I could move the wiper controls to the...
  9. blaznjon

    Wanted Console for 1987 Jimmy,Blazer california

    Looking for a console for 1987 k5. Brown would be ideal. In california.
  10. Restoring my dream cruiser - 72 K5

    Restoring my dream cruiser - 72 K5

    Hey everyone, brand new Gen 1 Blazer owner here. Very new to everything actually. I picked up this truck about 3 months ago and have been working with my father in law to get it running and road ready. I fell in love with the International Scout when i was in high school back in the 90's and...
  11. mechanick

    Tailgate gap on one side new tailpan

    Hi guys, installation of new tailpan went pretty well. Also replaced the rear inner and outer light posts. All is well except my tailgate doesn't line up quite right. It is tight on the left with a gap on the right. See pics I didn't do the artwork either BTW and plan on painting it anyways. I...
  12. rileymurph41

    New to the blazer world

    Hey everyone. New to the blazer world. Wanted one for years and finally made the plunge 1986 blazer classic custom (I believe) 4x4 1999 GM 7.4 H beam rods Full chromoly roller rocker Holley efi TBI Flat top pistons Cammed Much more 1999 factory air 4L80E 14 bolt Chevy rear end Np208 Pretty...
  13. Lemond

    Wanted '75 K5 AC Fan Switch

    Anyone know where I can find NOS or used but operable 4-position AC fan/blower switch for a '75 K5? All new parts on line have the 4-terminal on the back, but I am looking to replace with the original 5-terminal type. (5th terminal is common ground, but I would rather not splice the old leads.)...
  14. Lemond

    K5 (75) truck cover

    Hi, folks! Relatively new to the forum, but have been lurking for a while. After a fairly exhaustive search here and on line, I'm wondering if anyone knows of truck covers they either do or do not like that are made to fit the old K5s? (Or point me to a thread I may have missed that has any...
  15. SKUBASTEVE1010

    Wanted 1972 blazer single wall hard top mounting brackets.

    Looking to buy from a member or if someone can direct me to a site that sells them. I can't find these bad boys anywhere. Thank you in advance.
  16. The Brandy Build

    The Brandy Build

    Page 1-3 paint stripping and transmission cleanup Page 4-7 transfer case cleanup, transmission swap (start), frame removal and cleanup with suspension. Page 8-? Metal work and...
  17. Jake_C_

    The “Brandy” build

    Hello to anyone reading. I figured it was time to start this build thread. So here it goes: Here’s a summary of why I got the blazer to begin with: I’ve never really been crazy interested in fast cars, especially not new fast cars. My interests always lied in 4x4s, specifically old pickup...
  18. Damn_cajun

    Sourcing a cab for my 76 K5

    Im in need of a doner roof and windshield frame for my 76 K5. I found a parts yard with a late 70s, early 80s cab but doesn't know for sure the year as it has no markings. Can I cut this roof at the B pillars and above the firewall to replace my roof and windshield??
  19. BlairB

    Rocker help, please

    Newbie here, having trouble figuring out how inner and outer rockers come together and how they attach with the floor. I have spent several hours reading posts on this subject and found some helpful ones, BUT, links are dead, pics deleted or not clear. Lmc outer and extended inner on hand, how...
  20. Red Velvet | 1983 Chevy K5 Blazer

    Red Velvet | 1983 Chevy K5 Blazer

    Purchased Oct 2019 Was in the Netflix series "the sinner" in season one where they wrapped it in a black Project one: Rear section rust removal. DONE Dec 2019 Tail pan, tail beam, rear floor, support beams and back half body mounts. All body heavy lifting is being done by Winsor Classic in...
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