1. S

    Wanted Torque Rods for 89' K5

    FOUND I'm looking for torque rods that assist lifting the tailgate. This is for a 1989 Blazer K5. Both of mine are broken. My kids can't keep the tailgate from coming down too hard. I don't wanna break my back window. Not to mention that my electric Windows works and I want to keep it that...
  2. bp71k5

    CA Corvette-ish Exhaust manifolds

    I really like these manifolds and spent a bunch of time cleaning and coating them only to find a cracked engine block. Since they don't fit a big block, hoping someone else can enjoy them. Center dump, almost the same as stock 69-72 manifolds except the outlet is larger at 2.5" and are...
  3. 72gmck5

    Hangover Run

    Anyone interested in joining for the new year? I think it would be cool to have a K5/square body group show up. https://www.facebook.com/events/1820167848224272/?ti=icl
  4. Building "Nightmare" (78 GMC Jimmy)

    Building "Nightmare" (78 GMC Jimmy)

    I figured I'd hop on here and make a build thread for my current project like so many of you guys have. I think after attending my first blazer bash my inspiration and desire to dig back into my truck was renewed. This is my 1978 GMC JIMMY that has gained the nickname Nightmare due to it...
  5. J

    91 K5 frame off factory restoration

    Hey guys, Lou here. Starting a new project if anyone wants to follow along. I'll keep progress posted here, and on my Facebook Jersey Shore Fabricators LLC. Also you can subscribe on my YouTube under the same name. Just started tear down a few days ago. It's an interesting truck. 350, 465, 3.42...
  6. wallerus


    I have been trying to sell 2 K5s for a while now and have had little to no interest. One is a running and driving 1990 Jimmy 6.2 diesel automatic, the other a 1991 Blazer body with zero rust from the roof parting line down. I do mean zero. 14 bolt semi floating rear and 8 lug gm corporate...
  7. 85 K5 Build (What to do this summer...)

    85 K5 Build (What to do this summer...)

    So this is my first forum, and I wanted to share everything I have done and what my struggles were. My dad purchased the truck in 1986 and put the 4 inch lift and two inch body spacer on. I started work on it in May of 2014. We completely restored the inside with parts from LMC. there is a new...
  8. Sjudy98

    85 K5 Build (What to do this summer...)

    Sjudy98 submitted a new Build: 85 K5 Build (DIY Teenager Budget) Read more about this build here...
  9. Beastk577


    So, apparently I have a NP203 in my 77 K5, it has a 2lo selection, is this a good transfer case? I'm building this thing into a mud truck, and really like the 2lo position, makes it a lot easier to turn around, or should I ditch it for a 205?
  10. 89 K5 - "Butch" Build Thread  #K54FUN

    89 K5 - "Butch" Build Thread #K54FUN

    When I was growing up, I had a friend named Walter, who we all knew as Butch. He was NOT a Walter by any means. We got into trouble all the time and he was a scrapper of a kid, rough around the edges, played hockey and was by no means, a big kid. He had heart and was an all around great...
  11. cesandvik

    89 K5 - "Butch" Build Thread #K54FUN

    cesandvik submitted a new Build: 89 K5 - "Butch" Build Thread Read more about this build here...
  12. A

    Chevy Dana 60 front help

    I'm sure many of you have already made the upgrade and I am asking for help. I already have a ff 14bolt for the rear after being convinced that rebuilding 1/2 ton gear again would be ludicrous. I've had the truck since `89 and this rebuild has been in the works since my daughter was born 6 yrs...
  13. wallerus

    VA 1991 K5, 1990, K5 Jimmy Diesel

  14. BlaZeus

    81 k5 rear driveshaft help

    Just got done with my rear axle swap and 4 link suspension and found my rear drive shaft is too short by like 1/2". It barely hangs off the end output shaft of the tc at ride height. Called local drive line shop and said he doesn't wanna extend it and a new one will be $400. Def not paying...
  15. 1972 GMC K5 then and now, carb no mo

    1972 GMC K5 then and now, carb no mo

    Hey all, been a member for few years and commented here and there but haven't been too active. I thoroughly enjoy the forum and the immense wealth of knowledge that is available and shared here. The best investment i make ever year is renewing my membership. Anywho after roughly 13 years...
  16. 72gmck5

    1972 GMC K5 then and now

    72gmck5 submitted a new Build: 1972 GMC K5 then and now, carb no mo Read more about this build here...
  17. E

    SC 1989 K5 Blazer w/NV4500

    Up for sale is a 1989 Fullsize Blazer. in good condition. I bought this Blazer from a friend roughly 5 years ago and have loved it, but I have reached a point where I need something with better fuel economy and easier to make my A to B trips. Here are most of the options: Drivetrain: 350 TBI...
  18. E

    SC 1985 K5 Blazer

    Up for sale is a 1985 Chevy K5 Blazer rock crawler. I have moved and don't crawl much anymore, and it doesn't need to be neglected. Here are most of the options... Drivetrain: -5.3 Vortec out of a 2001 Chevy truck. It runs very well with around 60,000 miles on the motor. -SM465 w/ hydro...
  19. PWagon

    Headlight Upgrade from OEM to HID Lights...

    The modern age is making me think my OEM headlights are too dim, so I'm considering upgrading them to the high intensity discharge (HID) lights. I'm hoping someone with experience in this conversion can recommend a brand to order (or stay away from). I'm also assuming the factory wiring won't...
  20. adamf085

    Hi beam light won't work

    First off, sorry if this isn't the correct place to post this thread. If it isn't then I can post in something different. But anyways, I have a 1990 K5 Blazer which I just bought. I was driving home and was using my HI beam light. It was working. The lights worked. They turned on and off just...
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