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leaf spring

  1. K

    Determining Lift size / springs

    I purchased my 90 K5 and was told that it has a 2 inch lift from ORD on it. unfortunately I do not have any paperwork to back it up other than the shackle flip kit and steering box brace. The truck was given to me with a ORD shackle flip kit and being new to 4x4 and lifted trucks I'm not sure...
  2. Thomas Fournier

    Shock up-travel to droop ratio

    Hello all, I’ve been looking around like crazy to find an answer for this question. I’ve been told the percentage of up travel to drop or sag should be 50% either way. I wanted to know if I had the option to get an inch or two more droop vs up travel should I? I’m running leaf springs (56”)...
  3. 454k5blazer

    Need help with lift and suspension

    So i’m new to trucks/off-roading. i’m wanting to get off of the lift blocks and better suspension in general. I guess i just need pointed in the right direction a bit. I put up pictures of where i’m at now which is how i bought it. looking to upgrade.
  4. Fortify Offroad Mission Race Blazer

    Fortify Offroad Mission Race Blazer

    @secutright myself and @retroblazer had this half cocked idea to pull the old class 3 desert sled out of hibernation and bring her up to snuff for the next racing season. We are still working out the details on which events were committing to but there is one sure thing. This baby is gonna fly...
  5. sreidmx

    Fortify Offroad Mission Race Blazer

    sreidmx submitted a new Build: Fortify Offroad Mission Race Blazer Read more about this build here...
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