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lift springs

  1. chevyfan77

    Wanted 4 in lift springs for front of 77 k5 blazer

    I'm looking for a decent price on used or new 4 inch leaf springs for the front of my k5 blazer. I have the B52 waiting to go on, but want to collect all the steering for it first before I put it on. I have a drop pitman arm and longer brake lines. Let me know what you got and how much $$$...
  2. SpeedlabDan

    69-72 c20 hubs on a c10? 2wd suspension lift?

    will c20 8lug hubs and brakes fit c10 6lug spindles? Curious if the c10 suspension is the same. Say to 8lig swap a c10 2wd. Also does anyone know of any lift spacers or (preference) lift springs for the front mainly to level out the ride and mimic the k20 stance? All this in an effort to make...
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