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  1. Three day 3link (wishbone rear)

    Three day 3link (wishbone rear)

    Hey guys we took the K20 to the next level this weekend!! Removed the stock rear suspension and built a link setup out back!! In threee days!
  2. linked one ton escalade (coming back soon)

    linked one ton escalade (coming back soon)

    Edit: I’ve tried replacing pictures since photobucket stopped working, but some of them might not be the same as the original. Hope this is ok to post here, i like this forum a lot more than pirate. If you don't know my previous k5 its the one with the ugly front end that had a 4bt. still...
  3. 85k5witha6.2

    linked one ton escalade (coming back soon)

    85k5witha6.2 submitted a new Build: linked one ton escalade (bought another Jeep JK) Read more about this build here...
  4. Three Day 3link

    Three Day 3link

    Ill preface with @secutright and myself are embarking upon a business venture where we build products for these square body's, we call ourselves Fortify Offroad. CK5 has been instrumental in giving us a place to gain constructive feedback, the information on this site by far is much more usable...
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