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  1. Ga/ Vt 77K5

    Restoration Ga/ Vt 77K5

    So I have always wanted a K5, but I have always passed up on buying one because of rust, timing, money or some other excuse. I have had a few different mud trucks, but I always get jealous when I see a nice blazer at the mud bogs or on the street. Until last week, I really thought that I was...
  2. 90 R1500 Suburban Build

    90 R1500 Suburban Build

    Guess I can start one of these to document my build so I can maybe keep track of what it has become these days. Many of these pictures will be way out of order, and from now on I will fix that. But I just discovered how to link a phone and the PC. :haha: Anyways, on with the build...
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