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long travel

  1. First Gen, all hardware no software

    Restomod First Gen, all hardware no software

  2. 79 K5 Prerunner  "Lucy"

    79 K5 Prerunner "Lucy"

    I scored this To replace my 79, I got the old blazer from my dad 3 years ago.. It's seen better days, he's wheeled it since the early 80s drove it to college taught me to drive in it. It was the very first vehicle I have ever worked on. So basically lots of fond memories in it. He still tells...
  3. sreidmx

    79 K5 Prerunner "Lucy"

    sreidmx submitted a new Build: 79 K5 Prerunner "Lucy" Read more about this build here...
  4. ktmoutfront

    The Jimmy build, beat and rebuild with very few updates.

    He asked me to post a thread about my truck. The one that has been sitting since getting back from Moab. I NEED DESERT. Have to find some place to open it up. I was told to post up what I did. Bought a blown motor, as in rod hanging out of the block, 87 GMC Jimmy. Wanted a rock and sand truck...
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