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ls swap

  1. S

    1976 K5 LS interest

    I have a 1976 K5 blazer with a 350 engine, but I’m interested in a complete LS engine swap because I plan to drive it daily and would like the improved performance and gas mileage. Question is I am not sure where to start looking and if I should dove in to a brand new one or a rebuilt LS...
  2. rileymurph41

    86 k5 4x4 6.0 swap discussion

    Ok everyone. My 454 just took a dump and I happen to have a LQ4 6.0 with a 4L60E ready to go from my Yukon. Have the complete Yukon. Anyone ever done a swap? Curious as to what issues I will run into like motor mounts, crossmembers, power steering pump lines, radiator, blah blah. Blazer...
  3. K5 Built for Fun

    K5 Built for Fun

    Blazer runs and drives with a factory 355 and th350. The LS is built and ready to start, I am working on the rest of the swap parts and planning now.
  4. Johnd1987

    1987 K5 6.0 swap with a 4l80e transmission. Need help with electronic integration with the truck

    I won’t have a problem with getting the engine in the truck. I’m not sure how I’m going to get all the computer and wiring to sync with the truck. Any information on parts or tips to do the swap would be awesome. Thanks
  5. 78SWB

    1978 K5 LS/NV4500

    78SWB submitted a new Build: The California K5 Read more about this build here...
  6. Rocco's 77 K5 Blazer - Frame Off 6.2/6L80 Build

    Rocco's 77 K5 Blazer - Frame Off 6.2/6L80 Build

    I purchased this Blazer back in October 2015 with plans for a modest trail/camping rig in mind. It was in decent shape at the time, and I already had several other projects in the works, so I didn't want to get overly ambitious with the build -- mainly wanted to focus on the interior, cosmetic...
  7. robster495

    LQ9 Swap, Programming Issues?? Lean, Rich, etc!

    Hey guys, I have an lq9/4l65e out of an Escalade in my '91 burb. It starts up every time, and runs great in the beginning. Once it warms up and gets to operating temperature it acts crazy. Most of the issue is when idling in gear, not in neutral or park. I have long term fuel trims way off ...
  8. F

    LS swap gauges - 5.3 swapped 1982 k5 blazer

    i have a 90-91 electronic cluster coming in and had a few questions about hooking it up in my ls swapped '82 blazer Oil Pressure can i use the ls oil pressure sender since the computer doesn't need it? will it automatically work with the 91 suburban cluster? Coolant i have a 3-wire sender on...
  9. jekquistk5

    4l60E or 700R4

    Ls swapping the blazer this winter. I have a good 700r4 behind my TBI350, and the 60E behind the 5.3 seems to shift okay and move. I have a bad 60E I planned on rebuilding for the ls swap if I bought just an engine, but I bought a running and driving truck instead. What would you guys do...
  10. F-ingrob

    Future LS conversion in my 87 K5

    I just picked up a 2004 chevy Avalanche with a 5.3 but its 2wd so i have to find a 4wd 4L60 because my built 700R4 is not compatible Questions are • I will be removing the motor and the complete harness under the hood. Is there anything else I need besides the cat forward exhaust and gas pedal...
  11. Bertha the Daily Driver/Weekend camper, 1991 V2500 GMC

    Bertha the Daily Driver/Weekend camper, 1991 V2500 GMC

    I had been wanting a 3/4 ton sub for a while now that I had a K5 and had owned a single cab. I figured the ample cargo space and 4 doors would come in handy as a near stock daily driver/weekend camper. Well long story short a friend of mine happened to post this 1991 V2500 GMC Sub from Idaho...
  12. LTK5

    Offroad LTK5

    The goal of this build is to transform this truck into a street-legal trail crawler. Something fun to cruise to the beach or around town, but also hold it's own on the trails. 40" tires is the plan. Making that "streetable" is gonna be fun. :haha: I'm creating this to keep all the pics/info from...
  13. Full Restoration 1982 K5 Blazer

    Full Restoration 1982 K5 Blazer

    started as a stock k5 that needed a lot of work, fully restored now and getting ready to do engine swap.
  14. SpeedlabDan

    What keeps me up at night...

    Anyone have any luck, experience or luck with a surge tank in conjunction with a vortec Efi system? Particularly the L18 8.1l I'll be running? I'm swapping my engine and hopefully keeping both tanks... Long story short, the selection valve only uses a 5/16 return port and the return on the...
  15. SpeedlabDan

    Ate one Molotov/resurrection 3+3, 8.1L /magnum/Allison

    SpeedlabDan submitted a new Build: My new tow pig 3+3 Read more about this build here...
  16. 78BowTie

    78 K10 5.3 LS swap HELP!

    Hi everyone new to CK5. I'm planning on doing the engine swap. I have a full donor ( 06 Silverado 5.3) I want to put in my 78 K10. I'll post some pics of both trucks. I've never done anything like this so I'm looking for any advice, links, videos... I had my front end coil overs done by...
  17. P

    84 K5 Camping Rig "nickname tbd"

    This past summer I picked up an 84 K5 to build as my dedicated camping/light wheeling rig. She was a little beat up with no motor or trans. Since then I've picked up a totaled 02 Tahoe with 5.3/4l60e combo to swap into my K5. Still deciding how I get exactly what I want out of my K5. Currently...
  18. Miller time

    Sweet 72 K5

    First official post! I have been a huge fan of the 72 K5's for as long as I remember. I am stoked that I finally have one to call my own. I figured I would make a few minor upgrades to take it the next level. Well... as the story goes, the deeper I dug, the more I found that I wouldn't be okay...
  19. 78SWB

    '87 V20 Build

    78SWB submitted a new Build: '87 V20 Build Read more about this build here...
  20. '91 K5 Camper

    Offroad '91 K5 Camper

    So I've been asked, err harassed to start a build thread on my 91 K5 here. I haven't hung out much here in a while, but maintained a lurker status checking up on my friend you all know as Larry (that nutty guy that put's 8.1 Big Blocks in all his stuff). That was the original opening line...
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