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  1. 1988 K5 the "Big Blue" compromise

    1988 K5 the "Big Blue" compromise

    Well, there has been a lot of turd polishing over the years, and I've amassed quite a collection of photos. It sat for the last 2 years with a broken engine (busted motor number 2) and i just swapped in a decent used one -All fired up and ready to do some wheeling again this winter and spring...
  2. scouthead

    1988 K5 the "Big Blue" compromise

    Think I got a build thread going finally- this one might be redundant now
  3. Humpty Dumpty Wrangler Project

    Humpty Dumpty Wrangler Project

    Picked the jeep up as a build project. It doesn't really require much body work so it seemed like a fun project for me and my dad since we don't have to mess with rust and grime that comes with a full restoration project, and can get straight to the mods and fabrication. I would put our skill...
  4. K30 dually

    K30 dually

    Current plan for this guy is to fix it up to be reliable and road worthy. Future goals are a snow plow and a dump bed.
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