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  1. Bent77

    6x5.5" wheels and now buying tires thread

    Looking at going to 17" to get to 37" tires. Really wish I could find the old school white spoke. Whats out there? Ebay is not really giving many options any other ideas on rims for 37s welcome
  2. 79 K5 Prerunner  "Lucy"

    79 K5 Prerunner "Lucy"

    I scored this To replace my 79, I got the old blazer from my dad 3 years ago.. It's seen better days, he's wheeled it since the early 80s drove it to college taught me to drive in it. It was the very first vehicle I have ever worked on. So basically lots of fond memories in it. He still tells...
  3. sreidmx

    79 K5 Prerunner "Lucy"

    sreidmx submitted a new Build: 79 K5 Prerunner "Lucy" Read more about this build here...
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