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  1. Weekend Pig Iron

    Offroad Weekend Pig Iron

    Owned this project since 2006. Broke in 2008. Sat in a field for 14 years. I am looking to get this back on the road as a weekend warrior. Mild to medium difficulty trails, on beach driving, and truck camping are what I plan on doing with it.
  2. '86 K30 - the Resurrection

    '86 K30 - the Resurrection

    I wanted this truck to build an off-road rig but after seeing how much was available to restore these old things I kinda want to bring it back to it's 80s glory. Especially after finding the wealth of info around here, I feel like I might be able to handle most of this resto myself. After...
  3. The road to one tons

    The road to one tons

    My passion for squarebodys started when I was young, my earliest memories are riding in my dads red oxide primer 79 k5. It was just a rough blazer with a small lift and 33” mud tires that never seemed to let us down. It was his daily driver that we wheeled on weekends, there was just something...
  4. Cadden

    NP 205 fill plug?

    here's another fun one. I've searched high and low, can't find the right type plug for this. I'm assuming it's the fill plug? Was missing when I got it. Thread pattern looks to fine for NPT In one of the pictures is a 1/2 npt plug and its way to small. What size plug and thread pattern...
  5. The Brandy Build

    The Brandy Build

    Page 1-3 paint stripping and transmission cleanup Page 4-7 transfer case cleanup, transmission swap (start), frame removal and cleanup with suspension. Page 8-? Metal work and...
  6. SpeedlabDan

    Twin sticking a syncro np205

    Ok so I'm thinkin I'm gonna dive right in... So here's the story, I'm twin sticking my np205 and it's a syncro. @sweetk30 was a sweet guy and shipped out a standard front output shaft l, shift fork and covers etc. So once I got the shift rail in the mail from him I'm laying my rail next to it...
  7. SpeedlabDan

    Ate one Molotov/resurrection 3+3, 8.1L /magnum/Allison

    SpeedlabDan submitted a new Build: My new tow pig 3+3 Read more about this build here...
  8. SpeedlabDan

    Speedometer recalibration

    is anyone here currently or previously runnin an np205tcase with 4.88 gears and 35" tires by chance? I have a right angle "Hubbard" cable adapter on there now that is 1:1.214 but as far as I could tell without doing all the math and mike marker measurements it seems to still be about 10 to 15mph...
  9. SpeedlabDan

    Chasing leaks np205

    :dunno:ok so I rebuilt my np205 last winter but didn't reseal the figure 8 adapter and found my clapped out th350 would dump into the tcase and overfill it. I recently dropped the trans n had it rebuilt and upgraded to withstand the power I now make. While I had the tcase on the bench again I...
  10. First Gen, all hardware no software

    Restomod First Gen, all hardware no software

  11. syncro np205

    syncro np205

    Synchronized np205, identified by the oiling vein in the front outputs rear cover. (see arrow)
  12. Non syncro np205

    Non syncro np205

    Non synchronized np205, no oiling vein on front output rear cover.
  13. 1979 K10 SWB "Jolly Green Giant"

    Offroad 1979 K10 SWB "Jolly Green Giant"

    I call my truck "The Price Is Right" for a couple of reasons. First off, I traded a friend's father for it. I fixed his wife's Pontiac, he gave me this truck. The second reason is because I am sourcing as much of this build as possible from either junkyards or classifieds or parts trucks, etc. I...
  14. Justin V

    1979 K10 SWB "Jolly Green Giant"

    Justin V submitted a new Build: 79 K10 SWB Read more about this build here...
  15. 80 Jimmy - The Monkey Paw  (Time to finish interior)

    80 Jimmy - The Monkey Paw (Time to finish interior)

    Build starts on post 34. Asked for these to be merged but it seems they got merged backwards. no biggie.... This build was started because I was given the truck. My wife's uncle knew I missed my old 77 and he couldn't due to health reasons climb in any longer and wasn't able to work on it...
  16. JoshHefnerX

    80 Jimmy - The Monkey Paw (Time to finish interior)

    JoshHefnerX submitted a new Build: 80 Jimmy - The Monkey Paw (Time to finish interior) Read more about this build here...
  17. skunked

    '84 K10 The Animal *High Steer V2.0*

    Sorry for the lost photos, slowly going through and transitioning them over to CK5 hosting. Photobucket Can Suck a D!ck! A good friend of mine bought this truck back in 1998 when we decided to move to Lake Tahoe and ski bum it for the winter. It served it's purpose back then quite well but...
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