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  1. scouthead

    1988 K5 the "Big Blue" compromise

    Think I got a build thread going finally- this one might be redundant now
  2. Jake_C_

    Sold For sale 700r4 transmission and NP208 transfer case

    I have a 700r4 transmission and NP208 transfer case for sale. It came out of a 88 Chevy k5. It doesn’t have any issues I’m just switching to manual transmission and I don’t need it. The previous owner said he put $2000 in it and had it “built” within the past 2 years. I have no proof so take...
  3. Blue85

    NP208 slip yoke eliminated!

    Formula: 1 Chevy NP208 + 1 Dodge NP208 + 1 modified case piece from K10ANDYKHAMNIC = Longer driveshaft - no slip yoke binding + ability to run without a rear driveshaft. This adds a good 6" to the driveshaft. I did a rebuild at the same time, so I needed parts for this. The only other...
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