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offroad design

  1. Gibby56

    Sold Brand New ORD Rear Shock Brace

    I purchased the shock brace kit and new studs for my K5. I’ve decided to pull the shocks through the bed and tie into the cage. Selling with brand new Rear shock studs. The braces are still raw finish as ORD shipped with the hardware still in the bags. New was $60 with shipping, looking for $45...
  2. 84 cucv m1009 “ The Camper Crawler”

    Offroad 84 cucv m1009 “ The Camper Crawler”

    I figured I should start a build thread here. It’s a 1984 m1009. The truck was a pile of junk when purchased. It needed new bedsides, floors, rockers and lower b pillars. The windshield area was toast and so was alot of other things. I completely disassembled the truck down to the last bolt...
  3. LNielson

    Crew Cab Body Mount Bolt Lengths

    I'm installing new poly mounts and a home brew 1" bodylift on my '86 crew cab this weekend. I searched and never could find definitive answers for the bolt lengths required, so I pulled and measured my existing hardware and figured out what I needed. I was able to source all new Grade 5 bolts...
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