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  1. rileymurph41

    Wanted 1980 seats in an 86 also k5 vs k10

    Will 1980 blazer seats fit into an 86 without bracket modification? also what’s the deal with k5/k10. My blazers title says k10 blazer on it. Thanks everyone.
  2. D

    New Restoration Project & New CK5 Member

    Hi truckers...... New member here, just beginning my first restoration project. I picked up a 1989 GMC Jimmy the other day that is generally very clean and in good shape with the exception of a few things. That's where you all come in.... I have a few questions: 1. Someone before me really...
  3. 84squarebody

    WA Blazer/Jimmy parts

    Got parts for 84 Jimmy/ Blazer and what ever else they fit. Hood, axles,shafts, differentials 10 bolt, window seals, rear bumper. Eastern Washington/North Idaho area
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