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    Sold 1983 K 30 496 BB/TH 400/NP205 $6500OBO (Dana 44 front)

    $6500 Or best offer!!! THIS HAS A DANA 44 FRONT AXLE 496 cubic big block/TH 400/NP205 Dana 44/14bolt Truck is still titled as a diesel but has a gas motor. Emissions may be a issue depending on where you live. Clear Colorado title in hand This is a 1983 GMC K30 4x4 single cab long bed...
  2. Thomas Fournier

    Front bumper designs wanted

    Looking to see what you guys have built for front bumpers. Any good ideas? I wanted to run a winch and hope to keep it square tubing, however, I might just have to go with a nice round tube design. I’m running a 77 Chevy pickup on 37s and a b52 kit up front. I would love to see some designs of...
  3. 85 K10 - Lightning

    85 K10 - Lightning

    This is my daily driver/weekend wheeler build that I purchased from my Grandpa in 2002 or so. It was my first truck and stayed pretty much like the picture below until 2012 when I decided to take off the bed and clean up the rear frame that was starting to look pretty crappy. A simple clean...
  4. 85GMCJD my boys 85K20 front winch bumper

    85GMCJD my boys 85K20 front winch bumper

    this is my boys truck. He has a youtube video of the build:
  5. 1979 K10 SWB "Jolly Green Giant"

    Offroad 1979 K10 SWB "Jolly Green Giant"

    I call my truck "The Price Is Right" for a couple of reasons. First off, I traded a friend's father for it. I fixed his wife's Pontiac, he gave me this truck. The second reason is because I am sourcing as much of this build as possible from either junkyards or classifieds or parts trucks, etc. I...
  6. Justin V

    1979 K10 SWB "Jolly Green Giant"

    Justin V submitted a new Build: 79 K10 SWB Read more about this build here...
  7. 67 gmc grille for sale

    67 gmc grille for sale

    and bezels, all good shape, $75
  8. 88 toyota xtracab pickup

    88 toyota xtracab pickup

    runs forever, and ever and ever,
  9. 87 silverado

    87 silverado

    pulled drivetrain and traded the body off
  10. 79cheyenneand84impala


  11. 81 c-10 custom deluxe and 89 olds 88

    81 c-10 custom deluxe and 89 olds 88

  12. the 88 yoyo

    the 88 yoyo

  13. Used To Be Mine

    Used To Be Mine

    87 1/2ton 4x4 Stepside 4" lift, RS9000s, 33x12.50 BFG KO ATs, on M/T Classic IIs, stock 350 w/TBI SOLD 2001, still miss it
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