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  1. Thomas Fournier

    Front bumper designs wanted

    Looking to see what you guys have built for front bumpers. Any good ideas? I wanted to run a winch and hope to keep it square tubing, however, I might just have to go with a nice round tube design. I’m running a 77 Chevy pickup on 37s and a b52 kit up front. I would love to see some designs of...
  2. Grayson1210

    Pics of k5s with 4inch lift on 35s

    I’m contemplating doing a 4 inch lift with 35 inch all terrains. I’ve got 15x8 steelies and dogdish caps I’m going to be running. Interested in seeing what it might look like.
  3. k5_5


    my subwoofer box
  4. k5_4


    Pics of my 74 K5 Blazer
  5. k5_3


    Pics of my 74 K5 Blazer
  6. k5_2


    Pics of my 74 K5 Blazer
  7. k5_1


    Pics of my 74 K5 Blazer
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