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  1. First Gen, all hardware no software

    Restomod First Gen, all hardware no software

  2. sreidmx

    Fortify Offroad is now laser cutting!

    Hi Guys, We have teamed up with Lasernut to laser cut all our products. This offers significant benefits for the customer. We have been working on weld it yourself kits and with the help of some of you guys will be working on bringing that forward soon! If you have any questions in regards to...
  3. BlaZeus

    Ocotillo Wells trip 1/28/17-1/29/17

    I'm taking a trip down to Ocotillo for the weekend. I'll be showing up late Friday night or early Saturday morning. If anybody is down to mob out, it'd be rad to have some other rigs out there! PM me for more details! :saweet::woot:
  4. BlaZeus

    "Tundra Mifflin" - 2008 Toyota Tundra

    Double cab, 5.7, exhaust, intake, tune, blah blah blah, 2wd, 2.5" leveling spacers, 18" dip'd Moto Metal alloy rims, 35" Toyo M/T's, color match grille, "The Fab Lab"(my shop) custom front prerunner style bumper with skid plate, 4x 7" HID Baja spots, LED flood light bar mounted inside skid...
  5. BlaZeus

    '81 K5, "BlaZeus"- How to NOT build the ultimate budget K5; 3 & 4 link build

    Hey there folks. Ive been meaning to start a build thread for a while now but it seems that it has just never happened because there is always work to be done to the rig so instead i just spend all my time working on it and not writing about the work. First off, I'd like to thank my Lord and...
  6. 79 K5 Prerunner  "Lucy"

    79 K5 Prerunner "Lucy"

    I scored this To replace my 79, I got the old blazer from my dad 3 years ago.. It's seen better days, he's wheeled it since the early 80s drove it to college taught me to drive in it. It was the very first vehicle I have ever worked on. So basically lots of fond memories in it. He still tells...
  7. sreidmx

    79 K5 Prerunner "Lucy"

    sreidmx submitted a new Build: 79 K5 Prerunner "Lucy" Read more about this build here...
  8. jkroberts

    '90 K5 - Luxury Prerunner

    Well restarting this one i guess... Long story short one tons, 5.38 gears, long travel and LS power. Still in progress. Since photobucket gave me the finger ill work on uploading the photos here. Here is a little reminder of what the truck looked like since the last update LSX K5 by jkroberts...
  9. awsome truck 2

    awsome truck 2

    whos truck?
  10. awsome truck1

    awsome truck1

    whos truck?
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