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  1. Kain

    Engine prep for swap

    This is before so I put on 12deg before tech on compression stroke. Start in the morning to swap intakes
  2. 6872xtc

    Jimmy B. ( parts from Bruiser)

    6872xtc submitted a new Build: The re-bent72, Bruiser Read more about this build here...
  3. Bent77

    The Bent77 K10

    bent72 submitted a new Build: the-bent77-k10-Does not do automatics Index: page-1 leaf spring/steering talk page-3 flat tops and tire balancing, Lift, D44 powr lok, leaf spring spec link page-6 7747 ECM talk, fender cutting page-12 5215 bilstein shocks page-16 hidden winch mount page-21...
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