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  1. Thomas Fournier

    What radiators are good these days?

    Hello all, Im looking to replace my old 4 core copper/brass large radiator. After repairing it with solder and or just crimping it multiple times in the past..its time for a new one (it just sprung a new leak on the top). Im game to spend some extra money on a radiator that will last as long as...
  2. Thomas Fournier

    Transmission cooler?

    Hey guys, any suggestions on what type/brand/model of transmission cooler would you recommend? I’m currently running the stick radiator cooler, but I wanted to get an external one to better keep my TH400 cool. Fan/no fan? Finned? Aluminum? I would like to keep it affordable, but quality is...
  3. Fan and Radiator

    Fan and Radiator

    my derale 18" electric fan, and brand new 4 row radiator
  4. Radiator Support

    Radiator Support

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