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  1. Project Smoke Wagon

    Project Smoke Wagon

    I purchased my first K5/Jimmy September 2019 dubbed the Project Smoke Wagon. I have been wanting one of these for a very—very long time. When I picked it up it was a running driving unit. It needs some work but nothing out of the realm of my capabilities. Almost all the rubber needs replacing...
  2. Project "Chica Blanca"1972 Jimmy

    Project "Chica Blanca"1972 Jimmy

    Simple Restomod build to have as a daily driver.
  3. Natescashmoney

    Carbon Fiber hard tops info (group buy?)

    Hey everybody! This is my first thread here, and I have done quite a bit of searching through the archives and haven't found much definitive info about this. I partnered up with a local (Seattle) composites fabricator, and have preliminary numbers for what it would take to make this happen...
  4. First Gen, all hardware no software

    Restomod First Gen, all hardware no software

  5. Building "Nightmare" (78 GMC Jimmy)

    Building "Nightmare" (78 GMC Jimmy)

    I figured I'd hop on here and make a build thread for my current project like so many of you guys have. I think after attending my first blazer bash my inspiration and desire to dig back into my truck was renewed. This is my 1978 GMC JIMMY that has gained the nickname Nightmare due to it...
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