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  1. AZK5

    73-75 K5 carpet trim

    Does anyone have the 73-75 K5 carpet trim that goes behind the driver/passenger seat on the step? It's like 5 1/2' long kinda L shaped. I'll use a piece of angle aluminum if I can't find one. I know there's a bunch of people on here that stripped out their interior and they made it into a crawler.
  2. AZK5

    Wanted carpet trim between front and rear carpet 73-75 K5

    I'm looking for the carpet trim that goes between the front and rear carpet on a 73-75 K5 Blazer/Jimmy
  3. D

    New Restoration Project & New CK5 Member

    Hi truckers...... New member here, just beginning my first restoration project. I picked up a 1989 GMC Jimmy the other day that is generally very clean and in good shape with the exception of a few things. That's where you all come in.... I have a few questions: 1. Someone before me really...
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