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  1. CK5

    Restoring a 1969-1980 center console

    I picked up a cup holder console local to me last week in pretty good shape. The cup holder version found in Blazers and Jimmys was produced from 1977-1980, the seat belt version was produced from 1969-1976. The seat belt version can also be converted to the cup holder version. It is dirty and...
  2. Jake_C_

    The Brandy Build

    Jake_C_ submitted a new Build: The Brandy Build Read more about this build here...
  3. Jake_C_

    The “Brandy” build

    Hello to anyone reading. I figured it was time to start this build thread. So here it goes: Here’s a summary of why I got the blazer to begin with: I’ve never really been crazy interested in fast cars, especially not new fast cars. My interests always lied in 4x4s, specifically old pickup...
  4. Project Smoke Wagon

    Project Smoke Wagon

    I purchased my first K5/Jimmy September 2019 dubbed the Project Smoke Wagon. I have been wanting one of these for a very—very long time. When I picked it up it was a running driving unit. It needs some work but nothing out of the realm of my capabilities. Almost all the rubber needs replacing...
  5. Neil Swenson

    VA 1973 to 75 Hardtop, Seats, Console and parts **SOLD**

    Fits Chevy Truck/Blazer 1973 to 1975- all from my 1975 Blazer. Dashboard bezel, 2 door panels, high back bucket seats, center console (all in brown). Blazer back-glass. 1975 Blazer full hardtop (solid and useable with good glass, but needs restoration to be perfect). Also miscellaneous parts...
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