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rocker panel

  1. seancregin

    89 Blazer Floors/Rockers/Floor Supports Help!

    I'm sure a lot have asked these questions before and I have searched around for a while before asking. I'm in the process of removing and replacing rockers, floors and floor supports but the truck was rusted out so badly and previously hacked up by a body shop I don't have much to go off of. I...
  2. BlairB

    Rocker help, please

    Newbie here, having trouble figuring out how inner and outer rockers come together and how they attach with the floor. I have spent several hours reading posts on this subject and found some helpful ones, BUT, links are dead, pics deleted or not clear. Lmc outer and extended inner on hand, how...
  3. btblazer

    inner and outer rocker

    What's the best way to ensure that the inner and outer rocker are positioned correctly. Reference points on the body were so badly rusted that I don't have reference.
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